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Best practices for (non-securities) Crypto Hedge Funds

Over the last several years, few financial assets have generated returns comparable to those of cryptocurrencies. Extraordinary returns have led to a frenzy of investment activity including the formation of new hedge funds focused partially or exclusively on trading non-security cryptocurrencies. The rise of crypto hedge funds is revolutionizing the

Reshaping corporate governance — comply-or-explain versus rule

Corporate governance is the framework of laws, rules, and procedures that regulate the interactions and relationships between the providers of capital (owners), the governing body (the board or boards in the two-tier system), seniors managers and other parties that take part to varying degrees in the decision making process and

A Corporate Crypto Conduct Code for ICOs and businesses in this space and some starting points for regulators and Financial Market Authorities to think about ICO regulations – a mere market response to overregulation

Regulations and governance measures generally struggle to keep up with technological advancements. The rise of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (hereinafter “ICOs”) are changing the way companies raise funds. In a typical ICO, a company (generally the issuing entity) receives fiat currencies, such as US dollars or Euro, or crypto-assets,